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Headquartered at no. 18 Liuyishan road, national Zibo high-tech industrial development zone, Senter electronics has subsidiaries and R&D centers in Jinan and Qingdao.Founded in 1996, the company has more than 400 employees, registered capital of 97.5 million Yuan, and covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

For over 20 years, Senter has adhered to a development strategy of professionalization and industrialization;  focused on technology innovation and constantly increase investment in new product development and always followed the customer demand. In the field of communications, electric power industries, we have  formed our own core technology and have a wide variety of independent intellectual property products, and have gradually became a pacemaker of niche market of  industry such as communication and electric power technology. Senter electronics is committed to becoming an internationally renowned industry-IOT solutions' provider . 

In the communications industry, the business mainly covers the operation and maintenance scenario in major communication operators, provides innovative and competitive communications test and measurement products and solutions, the main products include communication maintenance test instruments and meters, integrated maintenance terminal , communication test software and systems, etc. of which the world's first integrated hand-held maintenance intelligent terminal was launched. The terminal has been providing incomparable efficiency, easy to use user experience and laid a leading global reputation. In the future, we will continue to provide customized and innovative products and services for telecommunication operators, engineering maintenance and private network, to escort the construction of global information highway.

In the electric power industry, our business mainly covers the companies working on the state grid, providing solutions centering to the safe, reliable and efficient operation target of smart grid power transformation, transmission and distribution, so as to help our customers cope with the increasing challenges of today and future and effectively reduce the operation and inspection cost. Main products include Intelligent Substation Monitoring System(ISMS), Transmission Line Visual Inspection Systems(TLVIS), Intelligent Station Active Operations System(ISAOS), Electric Power Operation Mobile Terminals, etc. The ISMS which has owned many technology patents has established the No.1 position in the market, and has been highly recognized and by users as its low power consumption, high reliability, minimum volume and easy installation.  Senter will continue to bring customers a better experience, more innovative products and solutions, to contribute to the establishment of national smart grid.  

In the public security, logistics and other industries, we have products dedicated for the Data Acquisition Intelligent Terminal,  IOT Mobile Terminal, Tablet and  industrial tablet with UHF RFID function and information acquisition function as well as a variety of extended interfaces. We also provide customized services for customers. 

We have a foothold on the present and look to the future. In the tide of information technology development, people of Senter will continue adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Integrity & Understanding", adhere to the enterprise vision, mission and core values and create a smarter wold. 

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Chairman Speech

◆ Years as songs, flower in spring and yield fruit in autumn.

Since its inception in 1996, Senter have adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "develop with honesty, credit and win-win" and the enterprise spirit of "profession, innovation and quality". With the responsibility of focusing on telecommunication operation and maintenance and forging a national brand, we have gone through a solid and persistent road of development, and have become the pioneer and main force of professionalization and internationalization in the industry.

◆ Take advantage of the momentum, chop through the waves

In the struggle of business, Senter takes "create value for customers, create opportunities for employees and create wealth for society" as the mission of the enterprise. With down-to-earth work style and the spirit of struggle, they constantly provide innovative products, high-quality services and solutions for customers, at the same time, they also make every effort to create long-term value and potential opportunities for customers. Steadfastly stride forward to a respectable and well-known provider of telecommunication maintenance.

◆ Stand up bravely and look forward to the future.

We will uphold the advanced enterprise culture and development concept, rely on our sincerity and wisdom, and with passion and confidence under the care of friends from all over the world, push our cause to a broader world, build a century-old and evergreen enterprise , benefit the harmonious society.

◆ Believe in yourself, believe in Senter

We are willing to work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life in the ever-changing economic tide, take the long wind, break through the huge waves, hang up the clouds and sails directly to the sea.

Enterprise Culture


Commit to the world of IoT & Create Smarter Life.


Commit to become an internationally renowned industrial IoT solution provider.

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Realistic · Sharing · Customer-oriented · Innovative

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Simple · Effective · Fair · Strict