Internet of Things Technologies Around Us

Time: 2019-05-07 Author: admin

The Internet of Things (IOT) connects sensors, controllers, machines, people and things in a new way by means of communication technologies such as local networks or the Internet to form a network of people and things, things and things to realize informationization, remote management control and intellectualization. Popularly, the Internet of Things is "you know where I am, I know where you are", "you know what I am doing, I know what you are doing". 

The Internet of Things makes full use of the new generation of IT technology in all walks of life, embeds and installs sensors into various objects such as wind power, railways, bridges, tunnels, highways, water supply systems for buildings, dams, petrol pipelines, etc., and integrates the Internet of Things with the Internet to realize the integration of human society and physical systems.

Internet of Things is a new technology and industry. The ultimate state of the development of the Internet of Things is like Skynet in the Hollywood blockbuster《Terminator》, which implements data analysis and intelligent control.

Today, many major problems, such as financial crisis, energy crisis and environmental degradation, need to be solved in a more intelligent way. The promotion of the Internet of Things is to overcome the current situation of "fragmented and individual warfare" in the application of information technology. Starting from a whole industry or social system, we should make full use of the potential of advanced information technology with innovative methods, so as to promote the formation of a new model of world operation.

Today, Internet of Things technology is gradually coming into our lives.

In hot weather, electricity consumption is naturally high. Many provinces in China have implemented the hourly tariff charging policy. Time-sharing tariff refers to dividing 24 hours a day into several periods, such as peak, flat and trough periods, setting different tariff levels for each period, encouraging users to arrange their electricity consumption time reasonably and improving the utilization efficiency of power resources. The intelligent socket of the Internet of Things technology can remotely control the power supply, and can control the start and close of high-power electrical appliances in real time at will. Intelligent meter of Internet of Things can record users' electricity consumption habits according to electricity consumption, and realize wireless meter reading and remote uploading. In turn, it can adjust the government's electricity tariff policy, so as to save energy and reduce the cost of the common people.

During the rainstorm, some road covers were washed away, which was extremely dangerous. The "safe city" built by the Internet of Things can use the Internet of Things technology to manage urban public equipment, achieve rapid positioning, construction safety, intelligent regulation, personnel management and so on, and realize the all-round "intelligent management" of municipal facilities: using video surveillance probes deployed in the streets and alleys to achieve intelligent image sensitivity analysis, and interact with 110, 119, 112 and so on. To realize the linkage between probe and probe, probe and human, probe and alarm system, so as to build a harmonious and safe urban living environment.

These are just small applications of Internet of Things technology. "Internet of Things" is a colorful life, more applications are gradually appearing in our lives.

Application scenarios:

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Gully management                                                           remote controlling the Billboard&streetlight

3.jpg            4.jpg

Inspecting of the power equipment                                   Packing lot management