The Game-Changer Of Animal Husbandry

Time: 2022-04-18 Author: admin

As the third milk-producing country in the world, there are currently about 14.69 million dairy cows in China, but dairy farmers are still worried because each cow in China can produce only 2.5 tons of milk per year, only 1/5 of that in developed countries. This directly affects the livelihood of dairy farmers. In fact, improving milk production depends on judging the estrus period of dairy cows. However, no matter how experienced breeders are, they still often miss the best time for dairy cows to come into estrus. For every missed estrus period (21 days), a cow loses about $350.


SENTER's cattle networking solution helps dairy farmers solve this problem by viewing work history and cow status on a tablet. It can not only accurately manage the milk production cycle, but also collect physiological data such as body temperature and pulse of dairy cows, manage the activities and grazing habits of cows, and greatly improve the productivity of the entire cycle. After adopting the "cow networking" scheme, the annual income per cow increases by nearly 50%, which can bring dairy farmers an additional income of 420 US dollars, which is a considerable amount of income for dairy farmers in northwest China.