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HD acquisition: 1300W lens + starlight night vision (0.001lux)

AI capability: Front/end analysis, using high-end AI analysis chip + AI algorithm to provide industry-leading hidden danger analysis capability

Flexible monitoring: with PTZ, audible and visual alarm, and flexible monitoring and analysis of scene hidden dangers

Easy to transfer: the whole machine is small, easy to install and easy to transfer

Effective traceability: daily picture alarm analysis is adopted, focusing on real-time video viewing and retention

Remote alarm: audible and visual call, one key start, real-time call and remote intervention in channel environment

Draw area alarm: fix area alarm to reduce invalid alarm

Alarm type classification: set different hidden danger alarms for different monitoring points

Closed loop disposal: push the hidden danger work order and form a closed-loop disposal mechanism after on-site treatment

Big data display: with device distribution, hidden danger thermal diagram, operation and maintenance management analysis, asset and authority management




Picture resolution

Day 1300W、Night 200W

Identify alarm type

Forklift, foreign matters in conductor, dust net, crane, dumper, other engineering equipment, mountain fire, cement pump truck, tower crane bulldozer, excavator, smoke and bird damage

Accuracy of hidden danger identification


Alarm recognition rate

Support the division of key areas; Alarm model selection

Acoustooptic alarm

125 dB

No sun continuous video days

20-30 days

Analysis method

Support front-end and back-end analysis