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Application scenarios: Any transmission line channel and body are suitable for all types of voltage levels, and the line channel and body can be monitored at the same time.

Way of working: It can be collected independently or as a fusion terminal host, and it can also be connected to a smart terminal

Military protection grade:  IP67 industrial protection grade.

Solar-powered:  Can be used in the circumstance of no power supply.

GPS positioning:  Find the fault point accurately

Cost-saving:  Intelligent analysis,filtering out 95% trouble-free pictures, saving data traffic.

Way of working: It can be collected independently or as a fusion terminal host, and it can also be connected to a smart terminal

System advantages: Wireless communication: Telecom, Unicom, Mobile 2G/3G/4G wireless transmission, Operators can be selected according to local conditions .

Mobile terminal management:Through Wechat platform, it can achieve the management for monitoring targets through mobile phone.




Horizontal direction: 360° multi-turn infinite position

Vertical direction: -90°~+90°

With 256 preset positions

Support wiper

Positing function

Support GPS, Beidou positioning

Number of cameras


Pixel count

16million+2million night vision+2 million gimbal

Zoom factor


Solar panel power


Battery power


Battery type

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Equipment quality

≤5kg (excluding solar panels and brackets)

Protection class


Operating temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure


Communication method

2G/3G/4G full Netcom


Support GPS, Beidou positioning

Shell material

Aluminum alloy

State Grid Encryption


State Grid Protocol


South Network Protocol


Function expansion

Front-end analysis
tower tilt
Auxiliary engine
Temperature measurement module
Sound and light alarm
micro weather


Matching table


Reference configuration

optical zoom

20 times support starlight night vision, 30 times, 40 times

Power supply module specifications

12.8V30AH iron lithium+60W18V photovoltaic panel

12.8V30AH iron lithium+30W18V photovoltaic panel

TF card

16G, 32G, 64G, 128G optional

Encryption chip

Optional: CLP Puhua encryption chip; NARI encryption chip, NVR that meets the B interface and the encryption requirements of the State Grid

Front end analysis

Optional ICT front-end analysis module (software acceleration module)

Optional Baidu front-end analysis module (software acceleration module)

Optional smart core front-end analysis module (hardware acceleration module)

Optional Huawei front-end analysis module (hardware acceleration module)

Tower tilt

Inclination measurement range: dual axis -10°~+10° (optional -30°~+30°, -60°~+60° or -90°~+90°); inclination measurement error: ≤±0.05°; Inclination measurement resolution: ±0.01°

Auxiliary engine

Camera pixels: Normal cursor is equipped with 8 million pixels. Optional 16 million pixel general light camera, 2 million pixel night vision camera


Temperature measurement range: -30℃~+85℃; measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃; resolution: 0.1℃;

Humidity measurement range: 0~100%; measurement accuracy: ±4%RH; resolution: 1%RH;

Atmospheric pressure measurement range: 450hPa~1060hPa; measurement accuracy: ±0.3hPa; resolution: 0.1hPa;

Wind speed measurement range: 0~75m/s; measurement accuracy: ±(0.3+0.03V) m/s; resolution: 0.1m/s;

Wind direction measurement range: 0~360°; measurement accuracy: ±3°; resolution: 0.5°;

Rainfall measurement range: 0~4mm/min; measurement error: ±0.4mm (when ≤10mm); ±4% (when >10mm); resolution: 0.2mm;

Illumination measurement range: 0-65535Lux; measurement accuracy: ±7%

Wire temperature measurement module

Temperature measurement range: -55℃~+125℃; temperature measurement error: ≤0.5℃; temperature measurement resolution: 0.1℃;

Wire sag

Measuring range: sag 0~200m; wind deviation: -90°~+90°;

Measurement error: sag ≤2%; wind deviation ≤0.1°;

Measurement resolution: sag: 0.1m; 0.1°;

Breeze vibration

Frequency monitoring range: 0~150Hz; Amplitude monitoring range: 0~1.3 mm (P-P);

Frequency measurement resolution: 0.1Hz; Amplitude measurement resolution: 0.1mm;

Wire galloping

Measuring range: amplitude 0m~10m; frequency 0.1Hz~5Hz;

Amplitude measurement resolution: 0.1m; frequency measurement resolution: 0.1Hz;

Leakage current

Leakage current measurement range: 10uA~100mA;

Leakage current measurement accuracy: 1%;

Number of measuring points: 1 to 6 strings of insulators;

Sound and light warning

Meet the requirements that the alarm sound can be heard and the voice content can be clearly distinguished from 200 meters away, and the obvious light can be seen

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