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PDA Integrated Solutionn for Telecom Operation

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Optical Network Construction -PDA project acceptance assurance scheme

Field information return: through a button to achieve hanging test.

PDA is used to connect the OBD port and connect to the optical network to be accepted. The system will automatically transmit the corresponding relationship between the OBD spectrometer and PON at the local end, the upstream and downstream optical power of ONU, the location information of the OBD spectrometer and the network parameters of the aggregation layer to the PDA terminal to realize the field automatic query of information.

Engineers can upload the OBD spectrometer tag code, OBD GPS information and photos of the surrounding environment in real time.

Line quality hanging test: it realizes the hanging test of physical line quality, and whether the light power value of upstream and downstream reaches the standard.

Resource data suspension test: initiate registration through the test account to verify whether the actual construction status is consistent with the planned resources.

Broadband rate measurement: after the service simulation is started, speed measurement is carried out, and the actual rate is tested and transmitted back.


Single machine operation, no need for multiple people to cooperate, reduce communication costs.

Reduce the difficulty of the acceptance of the work of personnel, process, standardized operation steps to reduce skill requirements.

Improve personnel utilization, equipment utilization, improve resource accuracy.

Save cost, improve efficiency, improve the efficiency of single point hanging test by more than 60%.


Install Preparation - one machine to fix let install d more professional

Based on the development of Android embedded platform, the IP65 industrial-grade protection is dedicated to reduce the burden of installation and maintenance, realize the standardized operation of installation and maintenance, achieve the standardized management of operation and maintenance, improve the efficiency of installation and maintenance, and improve the brand image.

1, common function integration, modular design, optional as needed;One machine to do, reduce the burden of installation and maintenance.

2. Comprehensive cost reduction, instrument procurement cost reduction, personnel training cost reduction, and human cost reduction after efficiency enhancement.

3, PDA professional intelligent comprehensive solution, field test data acquisition to achieve the user line comprehensive tracking analysis, IPTV testing, gigabit speed measurement, one-key configuration and other standardized process testing, simple and easy to operate, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency.        

4. The android platform has got rid of the dependence on mobile phones, with special production tools, clear division of responsibilities and precise control of devices;Software development platform is single, easy to connect, reduce software adaptation development investment.

Field Construction - "one key" operation simplifies installation and maintenance process

During site construction, equipment such as light cat, set-top box and router shall be configured, and network management and resource information shall be inquired in case of abnormal situations.The traditional way requires manual input item by item according to the work order information, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Through the customized development of PDA, the "one-click" automatic execution of configuration process can be realized, which simplifies the operation steps, reduces the requirements on the installation and maintenance personnel, and realizes one by one intelligent and standardized operation process.

"One-click configuration" aims to simplify the operation process, reduce manual operation, get through the docking of various systems, automatically complete the data configuration, simplify the installation and maintenance process through one-click operation, and realize automatic installation and intelligent support.At the same time reduce the requirements of installation and maintenance personnel, improve the efficiency of installation and debugging.


Anti - Truth Test - professional test to solve the problem

With the promotion of IPTV/OTT video business and the popularization of WIFI technology, the Mosaic and stuck phenomenon of video often occur in the process of homework, which can only be tested by the original substitution method.When the user chooses video service to install, there is no TV, which seriously affects the activation rate and performance of video service.The popularity of smart home networking makes WIFI analysis more and more important, and customers are in urgent need of intuitive and accurate understanding of the use of WIFI in their homes.

TV business User Experience Test

Key indicators directly related to user experience are directly detected, and user experience is taken as the standard for detection.To solve the problem that TV business can not be activated when there is no TV in the user's home, PDA directly simulates TV;Replace the TV in the user's home, troubleshoot the TV fault, make the customer more satisfied, improve the image of installation and maintenance.

Automatic Fault Diagnosis For TV Service

TV business test through the analysis of the background, directly determine the fault location, but also can provide common fault causes and common solutions, reduce the requirements of professional skills and handling experience of installation and maintenance personnel, reduce the secondary dispatch, improve the professional maintenance image and fault handling efficiency.

Home smart networking test

According to user needs, professional WIFI test module and professional detection software are used to clearly show the WIFI situation in each room, and then the special network optimization scheme is customized.Comprehensive test and acceptance of customized networking scheme.Visualized optimization effect of each room, and compared with the optimization before.Comprehensive improvement of home broadband network quality and experience.Improve user perception and brand image, lay the foundation for business development.


Completion Receipt - "completion receipt, let customer thumb up!

The most direct result of user experience, is the best reward for the user's trust, awareness and brand image building is one of the most important link, the customer will be for the whole business of construction quality, service quality, product quality to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and test, only to get customer recognition and affirmation, is for the whole company's management, efficiency, image, reputation is the most effective propaganda!

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