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Online Mornitering of Power Transmission Lines

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The application of on-line line monitoring device installed on poles and towers realizes the ubiquitous application in the perception layer of the Internet of Things. Through wireless 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication technology, real-time transmission of line channel environment and status information can be realized to realize ubiquitous application in the network layer of the Internet of Things. Using the intelligent analysis technology of line hidden danger based on situational understanding, real-time analysis and early warning of transmission line channel environment and state are carried out, and the early warning information is fed back to line inspectors through micro-message and short message, so as to eliminate the hidden danger in time. Using large data analysis technology, the massive data of transmission on-line monitoring are collected, processed and analyzed to form a block, seasonal summary and strategy, so as to realize the application of ubiquitous Internet of Things in platform layer and application layer. Through the application of the ubiquitous Internet of things in the on-line monitoring of transmission lines, an efficient visual protection system for transmission lines, which combines civil air defense, material defense and technical defense, is established.

With the development of information technology and the continuous improvement of transmission quality requirements for high-voltage power grid, the importance of transmission line monitoring becomes more prominent. Under the guidance of the strategy of "three types and two networks" in the state grid, the on-line monitoring of transmission lines has developed from traditional independent on-line monitoring technologies such as image, micro-meteorology, temperature measurement, tower tilt and icing to a comprehensive management and control platform which combines various on-line monitoring data. Through the use of large data analysis, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent perception of transmission lines is realized; through the mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology, the unified combination of a variety of online monitoring data is realized. By changing from single on-line monitoring to intellectually aware integrated on-line monitoring, the application of on-line transmission monitoring in the power Internet of things can be realized, and the development prospects are broad.

Technology Support   

Big Data Analysis

The integrated management and control platform for on-line monitoring of telecommunication transmission lines makes full use of large data technology to collect, summarize and analyze multi-source heterogeneous data to realize rich data display and strategy formulation.

Mobile Applications

Make full use of mobile applications to support the convenient operation and maintenance mode of power grid business system.

Artificial Intelligence

Senter has artificial intelligence technology covers many kinds of intelligent sensors. On the basis of supporting modules, it independently develops public components to form systematic and large-scale industrial applications.

Advantages of Scale Promotion

The system based on image intelligent recognition  has many advantages for large-scale popularization.

1."2-8 Principles": The cost of hardware, weight, volume and flow of the device are greatly reduced by the functional transformation from video to image. Under the premise of large-scale application, huge economic resources, human resources and social resources will be saved, and "blind area" will be transformed into "visibility".

2. Maintenance-free equipment and system: Front-end device is dust-proof, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference and low temperature resistant. It does not need to go to the site for equipment maintenance. In the case of large-scale operation for three years, the online rate of the device remains above 98%, and it is constantly upgraded remotely. The system software is continuously optimized and upgraded to ensure stable operation.

3. Long life: 5 to 10 years of design life. From the mechanical point of view, integrated chips are used in communication mode to avoid the deformation and damage of the chute caused by the physical card, and have strong resistance to complex climate and environment.

4. Convenient mobile applications: In addition to the monitoring center using computer clients, mobile applications such as Wechat and Mobile APP are provided to facilitate managers, operations and maintenance teams to view the status of line channels at any time and anywhere.

5. Modular design, multi-expansion function: with reusable functional modules, equipment with standard interface, each function can be combined freely, which is convenient for the most reasonable and comprehensive monitoring of the site.

6. Intelligent Recognition: Intelligent Recognition at Front End + Two-level Intelligent Recognition at Back End, Continuous Monitoring, Multilayer Filtering, Minimizing Manual Workload, Forming Fully Automatic Operation Mode of the System, Discovering Hidden Troubles in the First Time and Eliminating Hidden Troubles

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