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Rugged Tablets for Land Approval

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The confirmation and determination of land ownership, land use right and other rights are abbreviated as confirmation right. It is to determine the ownership, subordination and content of other rights of land (or a land) within a certain range in accordance with the provisions of laws and policies.

The land ownership of each land must go through land registration procedures such as land registration application, cadastral investigation, verification of ownership, registration, issuance of land certificates, etc. before it can be finally confirmed and determined.

Now we can see that large areas of rural land are in semi-tillage or abandoned cultivation, which wastes most of the land value. If we really make good use of it, our grain production can go up to a new stage. In 2018, land confirmation will be fully developed. With the completion of land confirmation, rural land will be fully utilized to realize its due value.



Mobile Internet of Things Terminal (PAD) with identity authentication function and high precision GPS function, and professional software APP for land confirmation system, supported by GIS technology, database technology and network technology, complete the confirmation of regional national land ownership, collective land ownership, state-owned land use right, collective land construction land use right, data collection and data integration. Reason upload and other work.

Product configuration

Mobile Internet of Things Terminal (PAD)+Identity Certification Name Authentication+High Precision GPS

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