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RFID for Electric Power Assets Inspection

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Project Background


With the development of society and the improvement of modernization, electricity plays a more and more important role in social life and production.Transport electric equipment is an important guarantee of power source, once a safe operation of equipment failure and accidents, and light for a certain area of people's life and production inconvenience, paralyzed or makes people's life and production, and may spread to the entire network, cause huge social influence and economic losses, so conveying to the safe operation of electrical equipment is the key of the all the work.However, the current transmission equipment management is still a combination of regular maintenance and post-maintenance mode, the lack of dynamic grasp of the status of equipment, maintenance can not highlight the focus, some hidden dangers of equipment has not been fully and thoroughly overhauled.
Power equipment inspection, as a new equipment management mode, through periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment, becomes a very effective method to detect equipment faults in time and eliminate accidents in the bud.It plays an important role in improving the starting success rate and unit availability, and ensuring the normal operation of power transmission equipment.

Management Status

Inspection is a basic task is to guarantee the safety of power equipment, it can improve the reliability of electric power equipment, to ensure that equipment in a small failure rate, but at present, the domestic widely used artificial patrol, handmade paper records, due to the lack of effective supervision measures, there is human factors, management cost is high, the more unable to low level of supervision and inspection personnel, inspection data information of defects.At the same time, in the circuit inspection work, some circuits may be difficult for personnel to reach, or because of failure to reach the situation, the need to timely access to the equipment information at a distance, the traditional way can not meet the requirements.

RFID Power Inspection Application

RFID is the use of radio frequency in the reader and radio frequency tags between the non-contact two-way data transmission, in order to achieve the goal of target identification and data exchange.The reader sends a certain frequency of radio frequency signal through the transmitting antenna. When the radio frequency tag enters the working area of the transmitting antenna, an induced current is generated, and the energy of the radio frequency tag is activated.The radio frequency tag transmits its own codes and other information through the built-in antenna of the card.The receiving antenna of the system receives the carrier signal sent from the radio frequency tag, which is transmitted to the reader by the antenna regulator. The reader demodulates and decodes the received signal, and then sends it to the background main system for relevant processing.

RFID technology has the characteristics of non-contact, fast reading speed, no wear, long life, easy to use, can be used in a variety of harsh environments.At the same time, RFID tags have the characteristics of large storage capacity, long distance, multi-objective identification and penetration of most of the media identification, in the power inspection project application, can highlight the solution to the existing various inspection disadvantages, to create a more intelligent and more effective power inspection system. 


System design

RFID power inspection system consists of on-site power equipment and card issuing equipment, electronic tags, mobile data acquisition terminals and application systems that need to be inspected.

The implementation of benefit

The power inspection system based on RFID technology will be able to solve the problems of power enterprises in the inspection inspection, bring practical benefits for the enterprise, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • Convenient for inspection personnel inspection and submit inspection results, reduce the probability of human error;

  • Ensure the inspectors in place, ensure the quality of inspection and inspection work management efficiency;

  • Greatly improve the quality and efficiency of inspection, very good to ensure the stable operation of transmission equipment, nip in the nip, reduce the incidence of failure, reduce the cost of enterprise operation;

  • Improve the data analysis and statistics function, improve the efficiency of management personnel handling defects.

Selection of Hardware Equipment

In power inspection, RFID mobile data acquisition terminal is the key data acquisition equipment. In order to meet the needs of the system, it is necessary to have a long reading distance and stable reading performance. At the same time, it is also necessary to strive for miniaturization, so as to facilitate the use of inspectors for a long time. 

Senter -S917 V2 is a high-performance RFID reading and writing intelligent terminal product. It is based on Android 8.1 system, equipped with qualcomm 8-core 1.8ghz processor, 5.5-inch hd large screen, 4GB+64GB large memory, and 5000mAh ultra-long battery life.Support handle keys, bar code scanning, UHF reading and writing, NFC, fingerprint identification, GPS high-precision positioning, etc., is the best choice for power inspection RFID mobile data acquisition terminal.

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