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RFID for Fire Equipmetn Management

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Application background

The daily management and maintenance of fire fighting facilities are of great significance.

Fire and water merciless, fire safety has been one of the key concerns of enterprises and unitsHow to strengthen the management of the company's fire fighting equipment, to ensure that the fire fighting equipment should play a fire fighting effectiveness in case of an emergency, can timely and effectively protect the safety of employees and company property, reduce losses, and ensure that the fire fighting equipment is intact and effective? how to sovlve the inconvenience caused by different specifications, types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment, scattered geographical location during maintenance and supervision 

Through the installation of RFID electronic tags on fire fighting equipment, the tags are equipped with relevant information of fire fighting equipment. RFID handheld devices are used to read the electronic tags on fire fighting equipment, so as to realize the routine inspection and maintenance management of fire fighting equipment.


System introduction

It is urgent to apply advanced information technology, strengthen the ability of information management, strengthen the supervision of inspection process, improve the management level of the whole fire-fighting apparatus and eliminate the hidden danger of safety.

The core of the management of fire fighting equipment lies in the establishment of basic data and the collection and acquisition of data information at each key node.RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, has been applied since the second world war, and was more and more attention to more and more industries begin to pay close attention to the function of RFID and practicability, which researchers developed a generation after generation stable performance can meet the demand of a variety of information acquisition device and information storage devices, which makes the use of RFID soon extended to all fields, in the fixed assets management, RFID plays an important role.

RFID technology USES wireless electromagnetic wave to realize data transmission and interaction, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology. The identification process does not need manual intervention, but can work with various adverse environments.RFID is unique, can identify high-speed moving objects and identify multiple tags at the same time.Therefore, the application of RFID technology in the management of fire fighting equipment can make the management of equipment easy and simple, avoid manual operation and record data errors and time consumption, solve the problems in the existing management mode, and provide guarantee for the safe use of fire fighting equipment.

The system design

Rfid-based fire fighting equipment management system can accurately obtain the detailed information of assets by installing RFID electronic tags on fire fighting equipment, binding the corresponding asset information in the background, and collecting the RFID electronic tag information at key nodes and processes.

The system process

(1) Affix passive RFID tags on all fire fighting equipment within the jurisdiction, which contain memory and can record the purchase time, expiration time, installation time, person in charge, inspection frequency and other information of the fire fighting equipment. 

(2) The system shall establish electronic files of fire fighting equipment, store them uniformly in the central server of the management department, and provide expiration alarm function.The system will give an alarm on the management page of the unit and send a text message to the mobile phone of the relevant personnel or person in charge of the unit to remind them to change.

(3) The fire management department to arrange the unit, management of sampling inspection plan, the plan can be annual plan, monthly plan and weekly plan, temporary plan and so on, the system will automatically generate text messages, according to the plan and promptly sent to the various units related to execute on their phones, remind the person (unit) for fire equipment inspection work, and at the same time plan can be downloaded to the concrete executor of the mobile data collection terminal.

(4) Patrol inspectors in each unit and sampling inspectors in the management unit are equipped with a mobile data acquisition terminal, which can communicate with rfid tags on each fire fighting equipment and the upper computer (management computer).Each inspector receives the inspection plan from the management department and scans (reads) each fire fighting equipment in turn. At this time, the inspection record will be formed in the handset. If the equipment is found damaged or abnormal, the inspector will make corresponding selection on the handset and keep it in the inspection record.

(5) Each sampling personnel received the sampling plan, the administrative department and then reaches the specified unit, in order to read the unit of the fire equipment, at this point in the hand degraded formed in the inspection record, if it is found that the equipment is damaged, or the function is not normal, corresponding selection, sampling personnel will be on a hand-held machine made and stored in a sampling record.

(6) The management department shall obtain the relevant record data of each unit, make statistics and analysis, form various statements, and supervise the responsible unit to carry out relevant maintenance or replacement work according to different inspection records, and complete the supervision of fire fighting equipment in each area.

Hardware Selection

RFID-based fire fighting equipment management system has the advantages of long distance and fast identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation, easy expansion, etc. The asset identification system can operate independently and does not depend on other systems.

In this application, the RFID mobile data acquisition terminal is the source of basic information. Therefore, the RFID performance of the mobile data acquisition terminal is crucial to ensure the normal operation of the whole system.Xintong electronics' latest smart mobile Internet of things terminal S917 V2 fully meets all requirements, with a 5.5-inch hd large screen, 8-core 1.8ghz processor, 3GB+32GB storage, bar code, RFID and other extended functions, and long battery life of 5000mAh.

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